Hand Picked List: Soo SNOW Ready

Brought to you by vintagesuffolk
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Published on 01/14/20

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User comments on Soo SNOW Ready

Lost_Treasures January 14, 2020

vintagesuffolk, – Anything there for SOO_FREEZING_COLD_READY ? – in some areas in AB Thermometer read 45.7 below this morning. BBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR – Those Huskies will be getting their excercise without me today. -

Nice List -

Starfisher January 15, 2020

Sometimes I wish we had snow, but most of the time I’m glad we don’t. Nice boots!!

VintageVarietyShop January 15, 2020

Very COOL picks!

AudiLee January 18, 2020

We were just at the snow, up by Lake Tahoe.. so very pretty. The Grandkids took sleds and had a blast, I had fun watching them but it was soooo cold! I really needed to have some better gear.. like some of these right here on your list! Great list, vintage :)

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